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Would you like to be a more confident public speaker or presenter?


Hi There! I'm a Professional Actor, Vocalist and Public Speaking Expert with a 25-year career as an actor, vocalist and voice coach across Canada and the United States. As an international voice coach and performer in TV, film and on stage, I am confident I can help you gain confidence in your speech, presentation and delivery, and also your singing voice!

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Chanon, F 

I have been terrified of singing in public all my life and with regular coaching from Kate for just 2 short months, I find myself singing along to the radio with friends. I'm more confident in using my voice and am astounded by the progress I have made in such a short time. I look forward to every session with Kate because she makes me feel comfortable and is honest and specific about what areas I need to work on and gives me the tools I need to work at home. She also doesn't judge or push me to work independently, it's always ok for me to be exactly where I am in that moment. I look forward to continuing my musical education with her -- it's great fun, highly rewarding, and the time always seems to go by too quickly. Those are the best kinds of lessons.

Amy, S

I see Kate as the wind beneath my wings, she hones me and inspires me and I have learned so much. I cannot imagine that she would have difficulty working with anyone. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed

Julia, C

Kate's voice lessons were an integral part of my preparation for my solo show premiere last year. I gained so much more than simple voice instruction though. Her understanding of the vocal instrument, combined with her intuitive nature for where my body was holding resistance helped me not only perform better, but also helped open my heart further. She's a truly gifted teacher and artist, and I cannot wait to train with her again!

Mohammed, A

I had the pleasure of participating in Kate's public speaker course, and I can't say enough good things about it! Kate's expertise in the field is truly impressive, and her passion for helping others improve their public speaking skills shines through in every session. One of the things I appreciated most about the sessions was Kate's engaging teaching style. She kept the sessions interactive and fun while still covering a wealth of valuable information. From mastering body language to crafting compelling speeches, Kate provided practical tips and techniques that I could immediately apply in real-world situations

AB, Sweetman

Kate is so kind and helpful, patient and professional. I got a lot out of my session with her and I have already booked 3 more sessions. I would highly recommend


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